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About Me

Name: Cassandra
Age: 23
Location: Wonderland
Purpose: Loving Him

This Tumblr's Love Story:

I started this tumblr in December 2008 as a place to keep all of the little things I found that reminded me of my boyfriend. I showed it to him on Valentine's Day 2009. On the days that we can't be together I post pictures so that he has something beautiful and inspiring to wake up to. I feel like it's the least I could do because he inspires me every single day.

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  1. innercirclephotography said: where have you been??????

    I’m still here! I’ve just been busy with the process of moving in with my boyfriend so I’ve been neglecting this tumblr a bit lately, sorry :(

    You can always find me at my personal tumblr and my twitter.

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